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Designer Musings: Embrace the Curl


I have embraced my curly hair.

I am letting my hair down. Mentally & Physically

If you have curly hair I feel like you are in a club. Curly hair peeps give me a hell ya if you agree. Years of brushing, achieving merely a fluffy fro and memories of my Mom ironing my hair on an ironing board for special occasions. That's right, millennials, flat irons didn't always exist. If you are curly, I for some reason already like you. I think we all have a wild side, like, "your'e cool" in my book.

Growing up in Florida, I don't think I have ever had my hair down for an entire day. Ever. Crazy to think about but long curly hair + humidity = extremely hard to manage. After our wedding in September I decided to cut it myself.

Sounds terrifying, I know. ➡ Liz Morrow from Delightfully Tacky has really inspired me. She is super awesome; wild curly hair, owns and RV named Brave and looks like she lives a pretty cool life. Her photography tutorials gave me the courage to try self portraits and her video of cutting her hair made me feel confident to buy a pair of scissors, it's hair, it will grow back. I sat in front of a full length mirror and just started cutting. It was quite liberating. Picking a choosing which curl to chop and watching how it falls completely differently. The best thing about curly hair, it doesn't have to be even. In fact I prefer. I haven't met a hair stylist yet that has agreed to cut it dry and fully layer. 

Liz Morrow's post "Love Your Curls" is a heartfelt post that really hits home. She nails it on the head with stereotypes of curly hair and glasses, the "before" picture in a makeover. Read it.

So let's jump here to California! I am setting my curls free channeling my hippie spirit and inner bad ass.  


Curly hair to me, is wild, confident and sexy. So ladies, let's all embrace that "curly" side. Be you.


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Top: Rachel by Rachel Roy 
Shorts: Lucky Brand
Bracelet: Salt & Sol




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