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Fabrics We Use: Bamboo | Take a look at the benefits of the sustainably grown fiber.

Bamboo Textiles: The sustainable alternative to rayon


Fabrics We Use:  Bamboo



 As its name would imply, bamboo fabric is produced from the moso bamboo and actually retains some of the plant’s organic antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that are ideal for sensitive skin.  Used in clothing, bamboo fabrics also benefit from natural moisture wicking, which prevents odor buildup and allows for longer wear between washings.  And for those sunny days at the beach or long hikes in the mountains, clothing constructed from bamboo also helps reduce exposure to UV light and sunburn.

Bamboo: Find out why we love this sustainable fabric.


When compared with other fabrics, bamboo stands out for its rich sheen and soft, luxurious drape.  Also unlike fully synthetic fibers, bamboo is biodegradable, does not require pesticides and uses fewer natural resources throughout its life cycle.

 Bamboo Fabric: Benefits to the sustainable textile.

As for care of bamboo fabrics, washing in cold water will extend the lifespan. Bamboo is shrink and wrinkle resistant, therefore the fit will remain throughout the garment lifespan after repeated washing when cared for properly.

You will feel as good as you look.

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