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For the Dreamers

Go Play Outside. Our Mission behind Salt and Sol

Salt & Sol is a reflection of a dream. A dream in which we explore a path illuminated by intuition, leading us towards the next inspiration, the next experience, the next destination.

The apparel we create is designed with this journey in mind; comfortable, durable, and with a visionary aesthetic that reimagines the standards of ordinary casual wear.

For it is with the extraordinary, that we move beyond boundaries and find ourselves free to explore, free to evolve, and free to transcend the limits we perceive.

For the Uncompromising

This intuitive journey provides the basis for our approach to fashion, one marked by uncompromising ethics and environmental responsibility. 

From design conception to apparel production, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment that surrounds us. 

We use superior eco-friendly fabrics and manufacture all products in-house, drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

These steps ensure our ability to emphasize high quality, sustainable apparel, while providing timeless classics that outlast tiresome trends. 

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Fashion without compromise. Salt and Sol's mission behind the brand.


For Us and Them


As we move forward along this path, we continue to evaluate and incorporate innovative practices that are developing within sustainable fashion and ethical manufacturing.

By utilizing these practices, we hope to contribute positively to a world that has fostered our creativity, influenced our designs, and inspired our dreams of a transcendent journey into the future. 


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