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Every detail is considered in the process of making your garment. We take pride in every step reducing our environmental footprint and always, 100% ethically made by artisans.

Ethical. Always. Period.

We take care of not just our customers, but who made your clothes too. Our USA made apparel is cut and sewn in small batches by artisans making a livable wage, in safe and comfortable working conditions where creativity is encouraged. We would rather go out of business than compromise our values.


Low Impact. High Reward.

We source organic cotton and sustainably grown materials such as hemp, eucalyptus and bamboo. These super plants grow crazy fast, use less water and naturally resist those pesky insects. Another perk, they are bio-degradable. We don't want to be one of the problems clogging up those landfills. Speaking of landfills...plastic NEVER goes away. So what did we do? We spun them into the softest tees.


Toxic Free.

Easy on the skin, and the environment. Our eco-fabrics are Oeko-tex Certified, right down to the labels. Ensuring no harmful substances will be touching that skin of yours. Did you know fabrics can contain chlorine bleach, formaldeyde, volatile organic compounds, perflourinated chemicals and heavy metals. Yuk.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We didn't invent the concept but we dig it.
Our zero-waste policy helps reduce fabric scraps that will end up in the dump. We try and find a use for each and every inch of our leftovers, like making the nifty bag your tee comes in.
We reuse shipping and packaging materials that are sent to us from vendors! We encourage you to reuse them also.

Recycling is incorporated into our everyday standards. Not only to recycle, but to be aware of what we are using. Small steps for a brighter future. We would love to hear creative ways you are minimizing your carbon footprint!


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