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About Salt and Sol

We set out to design clothes for one reason: to make high-quality casual apparel we wanted to wear, available at a price that we could afford.

Almost immediately we hit a roadblock. 

In the apparel industry, the traditional manufacturing process involves outsourcing a majority of the work to countries whose labor laws and environmental standards are virtually nonexistent, either unregulated or unenforced. This allows apparel companies to keep their profits high at the unfortunate expense of their employees, the environment around us and the quality of the finished product. 

We started Salt & Sol because we think we can do better. 

By using alternative channels and sustainable fabrics, manufacturing our products in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality casual wear at a fraction of the current price. 

We want to make buying clothes easy, fun and affordable.  

We also want you to look and feel great.

After all, you have dreams to chase and a world to enjoy. Let us take care of the clothes.

Read our mission and experience Salt & Sol.

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